Literacy / Written Language and Teletherapy

“Reading” is a series of complex processes that include decoding words by their sounds, as well as attaching meaning to those words and the various combinations they are placed in. Development of speech sounds and phonological rules directly impact letter-sound correspondence and the ability to decode words. Having a good understanding of grammar, sentence, narrative and expository structures help children gather, process, and analyze information from a variety of text types.

Written language fits within speech-language pathologists’ scope of practice, and SLPs bring unique skills for addressing literacy concerns.  However, because of the high demand for speech and language services, a school or other facility may rely on other professionals to address literacy issues and ask SLPs to focus on the spoken language needs of their students. By using VocoVision speech and language services at home,parents would be able to supplement school written language interventions, participate in their child’s session, and utilize the information to reinforce skills in day-to-day routines.