Articulation / Phonology and Telepractice

Speech Sound Disorders in children usually fall into one of two categories: Articulation and Phonology. Articulation impairments occur when a person has difficulties with the movement of their speech mechanism. This is often due to either motor weakness, difficulty with range of motion, or the movement being out of sync with other movements. Phonology impairments are associated with the person’s ability to recognize and follow the patterns and rules of speech production. For instance, a person may struggle to produce all the consonant sounds when there are two or more next to each other, (“plate” becomes “pate”), or they may substitute a sound in one part of their mouth for a sound produced in another, (“car” becomes “tar”).
Working on these impairments might include having the person in one-on-one settings, group settings, classroom settings, (for school aged children), or by consulting with teachers and parents and sharing strategies. VocoVision has the ability to work in each of these settings, as long as the services are provided with proper equipment, audio/video quality, internet connection, and most importantly, support from adults onsite. Knowing every situation is different, VocoVision makes sure to completely understand the needs of the child and family first, and then provide a comprehensive strategy for making sure the best services possible are delivered.